Sign Language Demo
Disability Summit : 10 – 12 March 2016, Hosted by the National Department of Social Development - Pretoria


Botswana (2010)

  • World Cup excursion (interpreted for a US delegation)
  • Liasion interpreting
  • Using American Sign Language and South African Sign Language

Mauritious (2009)

  • Training Mauritian Sign language interpreters
  • Training Deaf Mauritians on effective use of interpreters and asTelevision Relay Interpreters
  • Using Mauritian Sign language and international signs.

Nigerian (Abuja and Kaduna) 2008

  • IT programme for Deaf Nigerians
  • Using American sign language and International Signs

Swaziland (Mbabane) 2008

  • World Deaf and Mental health Conference
  • Using International Signs

Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) 2007

  • World Federation of the Deaf Congress
  • World Association of Sign language Interpreters
  • Using International Signs

Sweden (Stockholm and Orebro) 2006

  • Tactile Interpreting for Deaf and Blind
  • Using isizulu and Tactile signs


  • To further intergrate Deaf people into their communities
  • To raise awareness about Deafness, Deaf Culture and South African Sign language (SASL)
  • To teach communities proper South African Sign language
  • To empower Deaf people with relevant skills
  • To provide training and mentorship to SASL interpreter
  • To establish a networking system among local SASL interpreters 
  • To encourage employers to be more receptive in employing Deaf people
  • To guide and assist employers wanting to employDeaf people or
  • To provide assistance to employers who already have employed Deaf people
  • To ensure Deaf people have access to primary health care and education
  • To empower Deaf individual and their families